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Fencing Products

C.M Tucker Lumber Companies, LLC offers a wide variety of pressure treated fencing products ranging from individual boards to 8’ fence panels. All fence panels are assembled using modern machinery under the supervision of trained professionals. C.M. Tucker is also one of the largest producer of southern yellow pine split rail fencing in the United States. The fence panel assembly and the split rail production all take place onsite in Pageland, South Carolina.


Every fencing item shipped by CM Tucker Lumber Companies, LLC is AWPA approved and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Fence Panels

Panels are assembled with corrosion resistant fasteners.  Pickets and backer boards are selected for strength and appearance. Treated with Ecolife wood preservatives for above ground use.  Installation is easily accomplished with basic woodworking experience.

Description Unit Size
A  7/16” x 4” Picket 20
B  7/16” x 4” Picket 20
C  5/8” x 5-1/2” Picket 20
D  5/8” x 5-1/2” Picket 15
E  5/8” x 5-1/2” Picket 15
F  ¾ x 3-1/2” Picket 20

Fence Pickets

Fence Pickets are selected for grade and appearance. Boards can be used in custom stick built jobs that a preassembled panel may not accommodate.  These products are treated with Ecolife wood preservatives for above ground use.

Description ACT.DIM Unit Size
A 1 x 4″ – 4′ Gothic 3/4” x 3 1/2” – 48” 384
C 1 x 4″ – 6′ Dog Ear 7/16” x 4” – 72” 176
D 1 x 6″ – 6′ Dog Ear 5/8” x 5 1/2” – 72” 276
E 1 x 6″ – 6′ Pro Picket S4S 3/4” x 5 1/2” – 72” 160
F 1 x 6″ – 8’ Dog Ear 5/8” x 5/12” – 96” 240

Split Rail Fencing

Split Rails offer the beauty and durability to last a lifetime.  This is a heavy duty fence designed to be installed in 10’ sections.  All materials are fully treated southern yellow pine. Common applications include border fencing, pasture fencing, decorative fencing, golf course fencing, driveway and cart path border fencing. Rails are pressure treated to a .06 CA-C retention and the posts are treated to a .15 CA-C retention.

Description Unit Size
A 11′ Rails (3-1/2”) 78
B 2 Rail Line Post 49
C 2 Rail End Post 4×4 11
D 2 Rail Corner post 4×4 11
E 3 Rail Line Post 49
F 3 Rail End Post 4×4 11
G 3 Rail Corner Post 4×4 11

Round Fence Posts

Treated round fence posts are durable and economical.  All posts are 100% yellow pine and treated to a .15 CA-C retention for ground contact use.  Common applications include agricultural uses like pasture fencing for high tinsel wire fence, supports wire fencing for pets and livestock.  Larger posts are useable for gate posts.  The 4” posts are made from cores and are consistent in diameter the full length.  The core posts are excellent for pile driving in hard soils.

Description Unit Size
A 4″ x 78″ 60
B 4″ x 96″ 60
C 5”-6” x 96” 28